currently reading: The Masnavi

Tidying up the bedside table on a rainy afternoon, I realised that this book, The Masnavi, by Rumi (translated by Jawid Mojaddedi), has been sitting there since the end of last year. Oh, I pick it up every now and then, read a few pages, then put it back down. I think it’s the rhyming couplets that’s giving me a headache—sometimes it takes some effort to parse what’s being said.

I appreciate the attempt at authenticity—I picked up this version of the translation because I thought if I were to read The Masnavi, I might as well go for the real thing and not the watered down version some white dude ‘translated’ into love poems. So here we are, three-quarters of the year in, and I’m still trying to understand what a Persian mystic is attempting to teach us.

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