Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Okay, so Fountain Pen Day is on the first Friday of November, so this is a bit late.

I like fountain pens! Well, to be completely honest, I like the inks. I love that there are so many colour options. I’ve always used blue inks ever since I had to use pens in school. Not that those were fountain pens—using fountain pens in schools has never been a requirement here (I understand some European countries insist on this?), as far as I can remember. All the other pens, though: the standard Kilometrico ballpoint pen everyone had, or the more expensive rollerball pens, and those felt-tip pens that were the rage for some reason when I was in secondary school. (Pen dakwat basah, I think we called them. Those pens were terrible for people with chicken-scratch handwriting like mine.) But yeah, for me those pens had to have blue ink. Even now I have a number of the Zebra Sarasa Clip gel pens, possibly in all the shades of blue the brand carries, but I remember complaining to my best friend that the blues were too blue and not dark enough. I think she was rather bemused by the whole thing.

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