hello 2017

I think I was a better person when I was reading and writing more. Both habits fell by the wayside in the last few years, and I never could quite pinpoint why. Sure, time was a factor (and will always be a factor), but it’s not like I hadn’t been stealing a few minutes here and there before to read a page or write a para.

This here will be a repository of everything and nothing, and I’m throwing to the wind the idea of keeping things separate. That used to be a problem before: I didn’t post photos of my craft projects because I thought the people who were there for fanfiction¬† probably wouldn’t appreciate it; I didn’t post long, melancholy posts because it would upset people who were used to my sarcasm and sharp humour. I’m done compartmentalising. Everything will go here: reading list and observations, boring day-to-day minutiae, pointless meandering rants, sewing project reports and Etsy shop ideas, television shows and Spotify playlists, cat photos and memes.

So here’s another attempt at the start of another year. Let’s see where this goes.