Anecdotes from the office

So. I don’t really know what to do with these. I don’t even know what to call them. They’re not quite fiction, but they’re not really autobiographical either.  

At first it was just me jotting down quick reading- and work-related anecdotes from the office, collected over the years, but it got confusing because I referred to everyone as ‘my colleague’. Then I gave those people names and personalities, which weren’t an exact match to the people I knew. 

The stories are mostly real, the people are not quite, so there’s no point trying to guess who they are. The stories are dramatised, but not by all that much. We weren’t really this eloquent, nor did we speak in nearly perfect English all the time (it was mostly Manglish with English taking a greater share than other languages). 

In a way, it’s a toast, I guess, to all the jobs I’ve had and all the people I’ve worked with.

classics: not my cup of tea

‘I was trying to get through this book my sister had, something by Henry James, but it had so many long-winded sentences,’ said Mei while we were waiting for take-out. Pizza, this time, for someone’s farewell party. We could have had them delivered, but there were extra discounts for self-pickups. ‘What was it called … …