printable calendars—2021 (full year) and January 2021

Anyone still in need of a 2021 calendar? Here are some PDF files. The monthly calendar is only for January.

2021 full year calendar

2021 calendex

I wasn’t planning on sharing these, but some of my friends liked them and l might as well record how terrible I was when I first started learning to use a graphics editing software, right? Right. 

I made the 2021 and the January calendars because I was trying out Inkscape. It’s an open-source vector graphics editor, sort of Adobe Illustrator’s free equivalent. I have never used Illustrator myself. I have used Inkscape before, but it was a much earlier version from years ago. So this is me fiddling around with things I know nothing about and hopefully learning stuff along the way. 

The January calendar was done following this video on YouTube. The 2021 calendar was just me exploring the settings and tools.

The calendex year-at-a-glance thing was made using Excel. All the PDFs are A4-sized.  (What’s a calendex, you ask? A sort of calendar + index for the year. It’s useful for planning your annual leave, if nothing else.)

I also made these calendars because I still don’t have one for 2021, and my printer doesn’t handle colour all that well (it’s very old and squeaky; you have to force the paper in for the feed to grip it). I’m one of those people who actually write things down on paper even when I have calendars online and reminder apps. 

You’re free to print and use these as you like, just don’t resell them. I highly doubt anyone would want to pay for these, but I’m telling you anyway. No selling these.

There will be improvements in February’s calendar! (Or so I hope.) I have no training at all in design—whatever I know, I picked up along the way. I used to sit beside a designer in my old office … I can almost see her shake her head at my uninspired font choices.

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