take this with a pinch of salt

‘No editor worth his salt would’ve made that mistake,’ I said, idly twirling my fork in my noodles as we waited for the rest of our order. I was still annoyed by the poor work in the first edition of one of the books I had to evaluate for revision.

Jenna raised her eyebrows, looking up from where she was fiddling with the condiment stand on our table. ‘What?’ 

‘That was a stupid mistake for him to make,’ I said, after replaying that sentence in my head. Sometimes my teammates teased me because I used phrases that were unfamiliar to them. I kept insisting that I wasn’t making any of them up.

She shrugged. ‘Yes, I guessed that from context. But what was it you said?’

‘Won’t that be rubbing salt into your wounds?’ I asked, grinning as I picked up the salt shaker. She knew I was joking. I was also pretty certain she knew the expression.

‘Oh, come on,’ she said, laughing. ‘Not all of us can be as well read as you are.’

‘Yeah, but you’re the salt of the earth,’ I told her solemnly. She didn’t get that one. I hope she looked it up afterwards, because I really did mean it.

Idioms related to salt, if you need a refresher.

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