Dune, and books on loan

I don’t mind lending books to friends, really. Mostly because we have lots of books. Also, while some of the books end up being reread, a lot of them don’t, so it’s not like they’re terribly missed while they’re out on loan.

Sometimes, though, I scan through the bookshelves and notice a book is missing. Usually that’s because it’s part of a series, or by the same author. I was just poking through the shelves today because I was feeling restless and couldn’t find anything I wanted to read (crazy, really—I have way too many unread books but this happens every time I finish a book), and noticed that the first Dune book was missing. I think we had a copy. If it’s with you, that’s fine, just keep it until you’ve finished reading it.

(There’s a Dune movie coming out. I sort of knew that, but I haven’t really been paying attention to such things lately.)

I read the books ages ago. I probably read the first book when I was in school, borrowed it from the library. Every time I try to explain the plot without spoilers to people who don’t care about science fiction, I sound like a crazy person. ‘Oh, there’s a desert planet with giant worms. And a boy coming into his powers. And a powerful sisterhood that wants to guide humanity down a certain path.’

‘Giant worms?’ my incredulous listener would ask.

‘Yeah, one of them ends up ruling the universe a few books down the line.’

You can imagine how well that usually goes.

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